Craigberoch is an innovative space and project that is emergent by design. We seek to explore and try out new methodologies of facilitating, collaborating and partnering in line with the vision of the project. As such Craigberoch aims to:

  • Champion the catalytic role and importance of the individual within society.
  • Facilitating the ownership of collective responsibility for change.
  • Celebrating the power of collective action in pursuit of the common good.
  • Creating leadership methodologies and mentoring opportunities to support this.
The Craigberoch project is  inclusive of all people from all backgrounds, cultures, creeds, genders, political or social identifications. We invite you to be you.
We seek to apply a local-first approach to hiring and service provision, so doing foster connections and empowering the local economy. We seek to be transparent about our preference for the engagement of procurement and other services through the local businesses and people of the Isle of Bute.


Even More Events

We are hosting 3 Decelerator Labs in 2020, as well as curating alumni meetups and attending events around the world

Breaking Ground

We aim to have raised the remaining capital for the renovation work and have started the construction of Craigberoch Estate

Ensuring Continuity

We are committed to ensuring connection, care, and continuity of support in decelerating work and life to the participants of our Decelerator Labs

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