The power of nature and nurture

Craigberoch’s vision was conceived in early 2018 and brought to life as a social business in 2019 with B-Corp status applied for in 2020. We believe strongly in the regenerative power of nature. We are committed to developing a unique and iconic physical space to host deceleration events and “co-being” residencies on Bute throughout the year.

By regenerating the ruins of a secluded 18th century farmhouse to combine ancient tradition with modern architecture, we aim to create a space that is conducive to innovation and wellbeing which enables people and ideas to flourish. Space is important to the vision, but the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the power of virtual interactions in promoting innovation and a sense of community, too.

Craigberoch aims to

Ignite and inspire breakthrough innovation that benefits people and the planet

Create and nurture a thriving global community of innovators and activists

Drive “change from within” by empowering intrapreneurs from around the world

Our emerging services

Deceleration on Bute

Our flagship programme, run on the Isle of Bute and offered to up to 50 participants from the world of business, NGOs and the local community.

Virtual Decelerator Lab

Our virtual offering targeting a growing global online community which can not attend our in-person events and wish to decelerate digitally.

Co-being residencies

A residency ranging from a few days to several weeks, where participants can benefit from local co-working facilities, combined optional creative activities.

B2B innovation consulting

For organisations looking for bespoke workshops designed to their needs, our Cast provide tailored client programmes, delivered on-site or virtually.

Craigberoch helps business

Provide the catalyst for breakthrough social innovation

Craigberoch’s aim is to bring professionals from all over the world to the Isle of Bute and offer them the opportunity to connect with its natural, historical and spiritual heritage. This will unlock the hidden potential of employees and increase their capacity to drive positive change. What were once considered social issues for business are now highly strategic goals requiring new business solutions. To realise these commercial opportunities, organisations will need new business models and people with a different mindset.

Promote engagement, resilience and wellbeing in the workplace

The opportunity to slow down is all too rare in business, but is a good fit with the Craigberoch facility’s first goal of social innovation. Improved wellbeing and resilience is often a by-product of making space for employees to think, reflect and create. Craigberoch also aims to develop awareness of the positive benefits of nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and mental health.

Engage, inspire and retain high potential talent

Organisations that offer forward-thinking and unusual career options for employees have been shown to benefit from lower attrition of high performers, higher employee engagement and are able to differentiate themselves in the recruitment marketplace.

Craigberoch helps Bute

Educate and offer lifelong learning

Once the farmhouse facilities are up and running, we will run regular evening classes for the local community where corporate employees in residence offer coaching in their areas of expertise. These classes will be cross-generational – from school children to adults – providing a space for them to learn and develop and be exposed to different mindsets and cultures from across the world.

Regenerate and empower the community

The local community is already benefitting from the decelerator through participation in the programme – developing skills, knowledge, and collaboration. When the renovation of the farmhouse begins, building work, apprenticeships and volunteering opportunities will be made available.

Promote local heritage

The farmhouse site is of historical interest and, intriguingly, has a Bronze Age standing stone and burial cist on the land, which itself lies on the Highland boundary fault that separates the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. The intention is for these to be preserved and made more accessible to the public with the site acting as a gateway to the 200 similar standing stone sites that are scattered across the island.

Craigberoch is supported

Ambitious plans require investment

A property sale enables Gib Bulloch to make a personal investment to achieve the vision. However, with the high cost of the restoration work (a budget forecast is available on request), there remains a significant shortfall to realise this innovation opportunity. We are seeking to attract a wide range of funding and investment from individuals and organisations who are aligned with Craigberoch’s goals and the significant benefits for business and the community.

Key funding sources include

Strategic founding partners  – We are targeting the business and non-profit sectors with an offer of multi-year partnership agreements. These give privileged access to the facilities for regular decelerator workshops and events and for the “cobeing” residencies – please refer to our Prospectus for full details. We anticipate a shift in working culture post-COVID-19, away from a default bias toward large office blocks in major urban centres, to far more flexible and remote working arrangements.

Bute’s natural beauty, beaches and landscapes are available 24/7 throughout the year and the Business Decelerator intends to be, too, offering professionals a perfect balance between doing and being. Tiered corporate and NGO memberships will be offered at strategic price points and with a range of benefits and term durations.

Other private funding is anticipated to come from a combination of private foundations and personal donations from individuals who are committed to the vision for the decelerator or have a passion for Scottish regeneration. We are also pursuing public funding in the form of grants from government bodies such as Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise. We are seeking input from the charity community in Scotland where Craigberoch’s strategic goals align well with the charity’s focus.

There is also the potential for ownership and participation from the local Bute community. Our plan is to offer a range of membership options that provide a suite of benefits in terms of access to the facilities and use of a community garden at a discounted rate. Other sources of funding include a crowdfunding campaign, sale of donated artwork from the Scottish artists who stand to benefit from Craigberoch’s activities, and various fundraising events within the community and further afield.

How we operate

The plan is to operate Craigberoch as a profitmaking, purpose-maximising business – often referred to as a Fourth Sector organisation. With this goal in mind, and based on advice from financial experts, we created a company limited by shares, the Craigberoch Business Decelerator, to act as the economic engine. Alongside this, we have set up a separate not-for-profit company Limited by Guarantee, The Craigberoch Trust.

The Craigberoch Business Decelerator will focus on renovating and managing the physical assets, running the programmes, identifying the clients and managing the “cast” of trainers and performers. The Craigberoch Trust will focus on providing affordable access to the facilities for changemakers, both locally and across Scotland.

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